Welcome beautiful Reflect Radio listeners!  I am honored that you have landed on this page to visit me!  There are a couple of things I would love to share with you!  

First and foremost I thank you all for listening to the show!  Secondly, here are some offers for those who are ready to dig deep, be committed, and move forward in their love life.  

For Reflect Radio listeners ONLY I am offering a FREE 30 minute Love Magnet Breakthrough session (valued at $75)…

Would you like to know about what is going on in your relationship? Or are you single and looking for your ideal match? Or maybe you just need guidance in your life and don’t feel you are ready for a relationship?  


If you are committed to see your life change and feel the call to work with me one on one over the phone or skype, then please, sign up for a FREE Love Magnet Breakthrough session with me!  From one intro session you will walk away feeling more at ease, some tools to work with, and possibly have a new perspective on your relationship and/or yourself.

If you are ready and excited, then please click here:  

Love Magnet Breakthrough Application


The next offer I have for you is my “Attracting Your Beloved” mp3 audio… 


Attracting Your Beloved

This meditation will:
Bring you into soul contact with your next partner (or current partner)
Cleanse and clear blocks between the both of you
Draws both of you closer together into physical reality
Shift your experience with your current partner if you are already in a relationship
Bring in more love into ALL areas of your life
Bring love into your daily awareness and allow you to FEEL and BE more attractive
Help you be in love with yourself
This is a powerful journey that you can listen to many times to go deeper into healing and manifesting love.

Sorry no longer available!

Again I thank you all for listening to the show!  Feel free to come visit me anytime at my websites:

Click: Manifest My Love! 



And join me in Peru for a magickal and mystical adventure in 2014!  

Click for details: Soulful Travels 



I wish you ALL the infinite unconditional love of the universe!  See you soon! 








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“Virginia has helped me more than anyone could. I am in touch with who and what I am and will become. I never had a connection with anyone like I had with her. The Flow of energy I felt and feel. I’m glad I found her . She is openning up many doors for me. Things happen with just a thought now . Thank You Virginia . Love be with you always.”

- JonJinn

“Thank you, you are amazing, Virginia! After our session last night, the results were powerful and immediately felt in my relationship. I am super happy with my new way of being in our relationship. I am much happier. I changed and then he naturally changed. It has made all the difference. Excellent! Feels great to be in my power, it was not as difficult as I thought. Effortless, really you have just go slow and speak your truth. It was a little wobbly, but then became stronger. Thanks Virginia!”

- Tonya Anderson, www.anexquisitelife.com

"Big love 101 has changed the way I think and the way I do things in a profound way. I am no longer Christina, I am love--this is my New name. When I think like Christina, I would not do certain things. But, when I think I am Love, I just do what love does. I have more peace and harmony after I started practicing to think and act like Love. It makes life so much more loving than ever before. Virginia, thank you so much for this Big Love 101 class. I am sure it has changed a lot of people 's lives. Virginia, You are angel. I am so very happy that I have taken this class. I am here expressing my deep gratitude to you. Much love to you."

- Christina Tsui