Love! Love! LOVE!

Manifest My Love ~ Creating LOVE in ALL Areas of Your Life!

With Intuitive Love Specialist and Empowerment Mentor ~ Virginia Orgonista

Listen to this interview for an introduction to manifesting your love!

I welcome and honor you. You may have found yourself here feeling lonely, frustrated, in despair, or just curious.

Manifesting love and relationships in your life can be a difficult “job.” You found yourself in the right place if any of these statements resonate with you:

    • “I can’t find a partner who matches me and my lifestyle”
    • “I can’t seem to find a balance between give and take in relationships”
    • “I don’t feel secure when I’m in a relationship”
    • “I wish I could feel whole and complete without seeking for other people’s approval or love”
    • “I don’t want my past experiences to haunt me and my relationship”
    • “I want my relationship to be filled with mutual love, respect, intimacy, fun, & kindness!”
    • “I may not want a relationship right now, but I want to feel joyful, lovable, and free in my life!”

If you are ready for more love in your life, then you will LOVE working with me. This is what happens when you work with me and you allow the journey to unfold:


    • You will learn who you really are and what you really want
    • There will be a new glow about you and you will become more attractive to others
    • You will find more joy in other areas of your life
    • You will find your power and stand in it
    • You learn ways how to be in a relationship without giving yourself away or taking too much
    • You will leave the past behind you
    • You will naturally draw abundance and new opportunities to you

So how would you like to become a love magnet? Now, being a love magnet isn’t just about attracting suitors to you. It is so much more! As you work with me, you will see…So join me for a LOVE MAGNET BREAKTHROUGH SESSION! 

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